Manifested in 2019. Rishi derived from consciousness in Vedic language. Works to perform action of duty. Rishi Works was created to bring the unmanifest to manifest for the betterment of all. Utilising the best methods, techniques and tools available, or creating them. We do this through a design thinking, conscious, compassionate, eco-system approach.
Digby Barcis
Founder & Director
Expertise in design thinking and product service solutions. Intent on creating the best reality for humans to develop and evolve. Studied bachelors degree in architectural engineering. Post graduate scholarship in digital product management.
Aaron Khera
Partner Design Director
Expertise in engineering, product innovation, prototyping, research and development. Designer, maker, innovator. Studied bachelors in design communication. Post graduate scholarship in UX/UI design.
Jesse Bonewit
Associate Consultant
Expertise in Business to consumer marketing. Creative strategist implementing and producing brand awareness techniques. Studied bachelors degree in arts and economics.
Llewelyn Griffiths
Associate Software Developer
Expertise in full stack development and deployment. Ingenuous curiosity and problem solving performing at prototyping to release, databases, game design, generative art. Studied bachelors in computer science.
Joe Broome
Associate Architectural Technician
Expertise in built environment techniques and processes. Interested in business efficiency, building optimisation and architectural communication. Studied bachelors degree in architectural technology.
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